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My name ist Jacky Winstel. I am a Nutritional Therapist and I live in West Bloomfield, Michigan, USA. I am one of those who always need to watch out for their weight. That's unfair ... isn't it?


Since my teenager days I tried various diets but it always was the same result: the weight goes away  (sometimes easy - sometimes not) but it always comes back. As I wasn't able to get my weight under control I blamed myself: I am not strong enough! I can't control my cravings! I don't excercise enough!

Today I know that none of which is true. Not I am the problem but the so-called "food pyramid". Due to luck (and my neighbor Rick :-) I found the concept of "Low Carb High Fat" (LCHF). This is going around in the web since some years and it is gaining more and more ground and recognition.


Meanwhile I am able to control my weight as I wish and I know that everybody can do the same (excepted some very rare cases where health issues prevail). In order to let my many fellow sufferers take part in my "discovery" I decided to start this web site and develop the CarbCounter! I want to help everybody who desires to sustainably loose weight and to avoid the "epidemic" of Diabetes II and Alzheimers.


Sounds incredible? Yes - it is! Follow me into the world of the ketones and you will see ...


Greetings from Michigan

Yours Jacky